Cash Master and Financial Domination

Cash Master Jack Williams

Have you been curious for a while about financial domination? Or maybe you’ve had a cash master before? Either way, Jack Williams is here to give you what you need by taking your cash away, and maybe he’ll allow you a little bit of pleasure in the process.


23-years-old. A swimmers’ build. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes.

About Jack

Master Jack is different from other so called masters. He’s educated. He knows how to get inside your head. He knows what makes you tick. And he gets off on that.

You’ll get off on his powerful presence. His alpha personality. Wanting to be the best slave you can possibly be.

He doesn’t rely on pretending to be straight, or calling all his subs “faggot”.

He has a real career, so you’re unlikely to see his face. Financial domination is another income stream for him, but he’s not reliant on subs to survive.

He’s looking for subs that want a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with a financial master/dom.


You might insecure about some part of your life and get off on that being highlighted by an alpha male. You may be highly successful, but crave giving up control to a dominant man. Maybe you enjoy following orders. Maybe you desire paying for the attention and privilege of interacting with a confident, young, handsome man.

You will be familiar with or curious about financial domination, and know it’s something you’re into, or want to try.

You will commit to being open and honest with Master Jack.

You will have discretionary income.

In addition to financial domination, you might be interested in: feet, TeamViewer sessions, private humiliation, public humiliation, consensual blackmail, physical punishment, tasks, physical bondage (like chastity/a cock cage), private chat, goal setting, armpits, sneakers/shoes/boots, socks, macrophilia, rubber, sports gear, leather, role play or something else.

You might not be into everything you read on this site – that’s OK too. After you’ve tributed Master Jack will discuss your interests with you. In detail.


If you’re still reading, and you think you’re ready to commit, start by sending Master Jack a tribute. Tribute options for new subs are limited, and listed below. After tributing we can discuss your needs and see if we’re compatible.

Supporting non-financially

If you’re not ready to, or can’t commit financially, that’s OK too. You can promote Master Jack’s site, and share/retweet/reblog his content. He’ll be here when you’re ready. But note that he doesn’t chat with those who haven’t tributed.