Cum Eating Fans – A Shot of Cum For You

Attention fans of cum eating videos. Jack’s horny and ready for you to swallow his load.

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Cum eating fans - a shot of cum for you

Jacking his cock

He’s going to jerk out a nice big, thick, creamy load of cum for you, then watch you swallow it. He tells you to kneel in front of him while you watch him jack off his big uncut cock. You’re licking your lips. You’re mesmerized by his penis. But you’re forbidden to touch yourself until you’ve had your snack. You wish you could suck his dick. Deep throat it. Swirl your tongue around the head. And lick it from the balls to the crown. But you’ll have to settle for eating his cum instead.

You watch his foreskin slide over his uncut cock head and back again, wishing it was inside your mouth and you were sucking on it. His smooth twink feet are in your face and you admire his soles and long toes. Your cock is hard and aching for release. You’re dripping precum. You’re licking your lips. You want to taste his spunk.

Cum eating instructions

He’s getting close, wanking his cock harder, ready to provide you some protein. He has a glass ready to collect his jizz for you. He starts talking to you, giving you instructions about being a good cum eating slave.

You’ll be a good slave, won’t you? You’ll swallow his load? Lick it all up? You won’t spill a drop? You’ll make your master happy?

He shoots his load into the glass. It goes everywhere, then he presents it to you. A salty snack. A warm gift of his sperm for you to swallow down whole.

You lick the side of the glass then stick your tongue in and lap it all up. Once you’ve had your treat, you reach down to your soaking underwear and start to play with yourself, with his taste still in your mouth…

Length: 5:43 mins | Quality: 720p webcam

Watch (5:43 mins)

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